Education Innovation: The Journey of Open Education Resources (OERs)

The OER revolution has occupied the centre stage of education innovation since 2001 when the term was used to champion the OER movement. Notably, Brown and Adler (2008) noted that; “the most visible impact of the Internet on education to date has been the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement, which has provided free access to a wide range of courses and other educational materials to anyone who wants to use them.” By 2007, the OER movement was subjected to a review by Atkins, et al. (2007) to ascertain achievement, Challenges and opportunities. In this review, the authors presented an OER logical model which included; Sponsoring high-quality open content, remove barriers and understand and stimulate use.

Whereas many frontrunners during the start of the movement hardly appear on the internet, the OER revolution has survived the test of time but not without challenges. In this article, I walk through the journey of OER highlighting the successes and existing challenges yet overcome.


Atkins, D. E., Brown J. Seely., Hammond A. L.,(2007) ‘A Review of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Movement: Achievements, Challenges, and New Opportunities‘,[Online]. Available at (Accessed February 2020)

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